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RIP, Rory Root 
20th-May-2008 12:47 pm
I just clicked over to Neil Gaiman's journal and learned that Rory Root, owner of the Comic Relief comic book store, died yesterday.

During the time I lived in Berkeley, Comic Relief was my local comic bookstore. Daniel and I visited the store just about every week for several years. When we make the occasional trip up to Berkeley, we always make a point of stopping at Comic Relief, because we've yet to find a comic book store down here in San Jose that can remotely compare.

Rory believed that no matter what your tastes were, there was a comic out there that would appeal to you. He may be single-handedly responsible for my continuing to read comics after Sandman ended. He sometimes sold me graphic novels with a money-back guarantee - if I didn't like them, I could bring them back for a refund. I never took him up on it. (I wouldn't have, anyway, but more to the point, he was good enough at finding stuff that I liked that I was never tempted to.)

I'll also remember the time I stopped by the store a bit early to see if the new issue of Promethea was in, and the latest shipment of new comics hadn't been unpacked yet. Rory started opening boxes until he found the issue I wanted. I thought that was going a bit beyond the call of duty to make a $3 sale to a customer who lived practically around the corner and could easily come back later, but I'm sure Rory would have said that it was just good customer service.

Thanks, Rory. I'll miss you.
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