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Who knew that "etheric beam locators" could be so funny? 
26th-Sep-2008 10:45 pm
So, instead of being a responsible citizen and watching the presidential debates tonight, I went and watched a bunch of Doctor Who spoofs: "Dimensions in Time", "Curse of the Fatal Death", and "Do You Have a License to Save This Planet?" (the latter a BBV video, and thus not officially licensed Doctor Who).

"Dimensions in Time": What? It probably doesn't help that I've never seen Eastenders, but...What?

"Curse of the Fatal Death": This was brilliant. But I'm never going to be able to say "etheric beam locators" with a straight face ever again. (Okay, not a real problem, that.) Also, I really want somebody to cast Joanna Lumley as the Doctor again in something. Preferably season 6.

"Do You Have a License to Save This Planet?": All Doctor Who villains should have an adjustable camp setting. It would explain so much.
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