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24th-Jul-2009 07:54 am
Jon Pertwee action figures!. In costume from "The Sea Devils" and "Death to the Daleks" (I think - I'm fuzzy on the Pertwee Dalek stories because I've haven't seen any of them thanks to PBS not airing any when I was a kid. Can't wait 'till they get the DVDs out.)

They're kind of stupidly* priced. ($39.99 for Doctor plus Sea Devil - you could get the entire "Beneath the Surface" DVD boxset for less than that. I did.) Still, I might have to splurge on one (or two), because who wouldn't want to have their very own Jon Pertwee?

*Actually, I'm sure they're quite intelligently priced in terms of what the market will bear. Just stupidly priced from the point of view of my personal utility function.
24th-Jul-2009 03:17 pm (UTC)
Pity that they seem to be only minimally poseable... who wouldn't want a Pertwee capable of Dramatic Gestures, or, better still, Venusian Aikido?
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