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Workout fail

The good news: I've made it to the middle of week 8 of the Podrunner Intervals First Day to 5K series. Which means I'm pretty close to running a 5K a couple mornings a week (or whatever the equivalent on the elliptical machine is).

The bad news: This morning's workout sucked. (Relatively speaking: Any workout you finish is a good workout.) I really had trouble keeping up the pace, and I've never been so glad before to reach the end of the podcast and cue up my traditional cool-down and stretching tune. (The Smiths' The Headmaster Ritual. Is every morning's workout my way of giving the finger to every sadistic PE teacher who relentlessly undermined my self esteem over my lack of athletic prowess during my teenage years? Just possibly.) Just to illustrate: this morning I covered 3.06 miles. Working out to the same podcast on Saturday, I covered 3.35 miles. That's a difference of about 10%, and having 10% less oomph is really noticeable.

There are three possible explanations for this:
- I'm getting sick. I've never had the numbers to quantitate it before, but in the past I've noticed that a decided lack of aerobic oomph during a morning workout is usually followed by a head cold 24 hours later.
- I'm getting bored with the Podrunner workouts, or the week 8 mix just doesn't inspire me. Possible. I'm determined to finish out this first series in any case, so we'll see how it goes.
- It's just normal random variation in performance, and I've never noticed before because I've never had as much consistent quantitative data on my workouts before.

Assuming I don't come down with a raging head cold, my next Podrunner workout is scheduled for Thursday. Wish me luck!
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