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30th-Jul-2009 09:13 pm
I'm feeling much better today. Sleeping for 18 hours works wonders.

I just discovered that if you mistype and try to go to a non-existent URL on the BBC website, their "404 not found page" has a picture of the Test Card clown on it. (Viewers of the British Life on Mars series will know what I'm talking about. Others, if you're really curious, see that link.) I love you, BBC.

BBC Radio 2 are launching a new Adventures of Sexton Blake radio series. Sexton Blake is not a character I'm very familiar with, but on the basis of documentary "The Hunt for Sexton Blake", I might be tempted to describe him as the literary missing link between Sherlock Holmes and James Bond: a square-jawed action man who fights crime and the enemies of the British empire wherever they may be found. The new series is a comedy, which is probably the only way the BBC can manage to play a square-jawed defender of the British Empire in 2009, and has Sexton Blake played by Simon Jones, which causes me severe cognitive dissonance, as I cannot hear really hear Simon Jones as anyone other than Arthur Dent from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Despite this, the series sounds like it's worth checking out.

The Society for Technical Communication appears to be reading my mind, since they've just put out an issue on "Technical Communication's Value Proposition", all about how to demonstrate your economic value to your company. Cool. If I pick up any particularly interesting tips, I'll report.
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