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We will be restoring normality as soon as we are certain what is normal anyway 
24th-Aug-2007 10:12 am
Please excuse recent radio silence. I've been busy (mostly pleasantly so) and I'm still kind of exhausted from travel/work/stuff.

I've been moved into new digs at work - I'm now sharing an office with another writer. I have a door that I can close! I have ample bookshelf space! I have an eastward facing window! I am no longer air-conditioned within an inch of my life! (In fact, it was quite hot in here yesterday, but things seem to have improved today. Which is good, because yesterday was bad enough that I spent quite a bit of time pondering whether I could reconcile wearing skimpier clothing to work with my notions of professional dress. "Professional dress" is a highly elastic concept'round here, and my boss regularly sports capri pants and flip flops. Personally, I'm willing to go quite casual, but I do generally insist on long pants and closed-toed lace-up shoes. Even if said shoes are, as they are today, a pair of black and army green canvas hi-top sneakers.)

Met up with a friend at a coffee shop last night to do some writing. I made some progress on the supernatural mystery story I'm writing. I rewrote a scene so that a staggeringly obvious clue is now a somewhat more subtle clue, which means that the reader might not guess whodunnit 5,000 words too early. Maybe. If I am lucky. Writing mysteries is tricky, and I'm really not convinced that I'm going to pull this one off, but I am determined to at least get out a decent first draft.

After writing, we adjourned to a nearby Mexican place, where I had a fabulous caldo de pollo (a.k.a chicken soup). I'm not sure if it was caldo de pollo for the soul, but it was close. Alas, I have forgotten the name of the Mexican place, but it's in a shopping center near the Fremont BART station. I can find it again.

I'll be going to the local Doctor Who fan club meeting tonight, to see the antepenultimate and penultimate episodes of Season 3, about which I am unreasonably excited. (Also excited about having an excuse to use "antepenultimate".)

I'm planning to spend the weekend hibernating. Or at least curled up in an armchair with a cup of tea and some of the books I bought myself for my birthday. And I'm hoping to get to at least one of the farmers' markets, because I haven't been in weeks, and it's the season for all sorts of great stuff.
24th-Aug-2007 05:45 pm (UTC)
Happy Birthday!!
25th-Aug-2007 11:29 pm (UTC) - Mmmm...Antepenultimate
I too am disproportionally pleased you got to use that word in a sentence! The other day at the end of band rehearsal I said, "I'll see y'all a fortnight hence." I'm still feeling the afterglow. :-)

Glad you're still doing the Thursday night writing thing. We should hook up on one soon; my novel won't revise itself !
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