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That kind of day... 
28th-Oct-2009 01:46 pm
katarina, doom
Since I became an hourly employee, I've been in the habit of logging how I spend my time on a little notepad next to my computer. If I have to log when I come in, leave for lunch, come back from lunch, and leave for the day anyway, it's not much extra effort to log when I switch tasks.

Except today, where my note pad just says:
8:55 In
12:09 Lunch
12:39 Back

Because I've spent so much of today in reactive mode dealing with various questions and crises that I haven't had a single moment to actually clearly think about what I'm doing.

Thank you all - I feel much better now that I've vented. Now I shall return to my regularly scheduled "How did someone manage to break the online Help before a critical deadline again?" kind of day.
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