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Every Day is Like Sunday 
9th-Sep-2007 07:44 am
For some reason, I am up at a stupidly early hour for a Sunday. Actually, I think I know the reason - I had a dream that I was looking after a gigantic busload of kids, and little things kept going wrong, and then I remembered that I was late for a meeting, and the bus was going in the wrong direction, and I didn't have the cell phone number of anyone who was going to be there, and so I got off the bus and started walking-

And then I woke up.

I'm not sure if my subconscious was trying to tell me something, but it sure seems like the busload of kids is an apt metaphor for the vast array of tiny tasks and chores that are clamoring for my attention. And what better use for a Sunday morning on which one is unexpectedly up early than to take care of such tasks and chores?

Well, except that I don't wanna. What I really want to do is take advantage of the nice, cool, slightly overcast morning we're having to take my iPod and go for a long walk, with a stop at Starbucks for a cappuccino in the middle.

So, my organized self and my hedonistic self are compromising. I've made myself a nice big cup of tea, and this is the deal: for as long as it takes me to drink this cup of tea, I must sit at my desk and do useful tasks. Once I finish the cup of tea, I can go for a walk. (Chugging the entire cup of tea in one go not allowed.)

  • Shredded 4 unsolicited credit card offers and 1 unsolicited car loan offer.

  • Paid all the outstanding bills. (That I can find, anyway.)

  • Unearthed a check that I really ought to deposit, which was buried under the unpaid bills. Oh the irony.

  • Replied to an email that I meant to reply to days ago.

  • Written a belated thank-you note for a belated birthday/anniversary present.

  • Tossed a bunch of miscellaneous junk mail.

  • Threw out my old, beat up, falling apart wallet that I replaced with a new shiny wallet over a week ago. (Why do I hang on to these things?)

  • Threw away an expired coupon for 20% off at Borders Books.

  • Shelved the copy of Jon Courtenay Grimwood's 9 Tail Fox that has been lying on my desk since I finished reading it.

  • Put away the stash of fountain pen cartridges I bought last month.

The cup of tea is now nearly empty, but I think I've earned my walk. (Which will now include a stop by the bank to deposit the unearthed check.)

Perhaps when I come back, I'll tackle my filing system, which is the persistent Achilles heel of my desk organization.
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