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Happy post-Thanksgiving! 
27th-Nov-2009 10:39 am
Hope you all out there are had a lovely Thanksgiving, if you're Thanksgiving inclined, or a lovely 26th of November, if you're not Thanksgiving inclined.

I had a lovely Thanksgiving, despite slight anxieties that I would somehow screw up the dish I was making for Thanksgiving dinner. (I made Green Beans with Shallots and Almonds. This is nearly impossible to screw up, but my fertile imagination managed to come up with several possibilities. But Safeway did not run out of green beans (they did run out of fresh parsley, so we did without, but I don't think anyone missed it), I didn't overcook the beans, and no nephews contrived to have ill-timed curiosity about large pots of boiling water.)

We watched the Food Network, and concluded that either they use some very strange camera effects on Giada deLaurentis, or she is, in fact, a computer-generated avatar. Which would explain a lot.

And this morning I have persimmons and yogurt for breakfast. Not sure what my plans are for today, except that I will be studiously avoiding black Friday sales. I'd fully participate in Buy Nothing day, except that I really ought to go grocery shopping. Despite my having been to the grocery store three times this week, the only fresh food in the house appears to be persimmons, lemons, shallots, garlic, milk, yogurt, scallions, whole wheat pita, and a chunk of queso fresco. I don't think I can concoct dinner out of that.

Actually, I just remembered that I don't have to concoct tonight's dinner out of that, because we're having dinner with Daniel's parents. Still, I think I ought to go grocery shopping if I can.
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