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Whew. What a weekend. My major goal for this weekend was to finish a script pitch for a Doctor Who story to submit to Big Finish Productions before their deadline tonight. I'd been fiddling with an idea all week - I got up on Saturday morning, bashed out a synopsis before lunch, revised the synopsis and wrote two pages of sample script in the afternoon, sent the whole thing to a friend for a critique, and then revised the whole thing again this morning. Came back after dinner this evening, gave it one more read through and a spell-check, and sent it.

(Microsoft Word's spellchecker appears to know the word "TARDIS", but has problems with "teleporter". Hmmm.)

Two remarkable things about this project: 1. It's really fun to write dialogue for Peter Davison. 2. The Evil Little Voice in my head really threw a hissy fit trying to get me not to do this. It was all, "Oh, I don't have any ideas. I'm too busy. It won't be any good anyway, and even if they commission a script from me, I'll screw it up..." I had to sit myself down, and say, "Look, suppose you knew someone who occasionally fancies that they can write, and they've been a Doctor Who fan since age 9, and they're mad about audio drama in general and Big Finish in particular. Would you accept any of these excuses from them as reasons not to do this?" And that pretty much did the trick.

I need to take a firm hand with the Evil Little Voice in my head more often.

Also, I need to submit to more things with deadlines.
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