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Link salad 
17th-Feb-2010 02:11 pm
Various items of interest:

Benjamin Cook is E-baying a bunch of Doctor Who goodies. I'm not much of a memorabilia collector, but if you are, there's some nice stuff there - some autographed books and pics, and the Order of Service from "The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith".

Pyr Books is now accepting unagented submissions. Only for epic fantasy, sword & sorcery, and contemporary/urban fantasy - apparently they get all the science fiction they want via agented submissions.

Abstract of a paper suggesting that paying students and teachers for passing AP Exam scores improves college enrollment rates, college grades, and graduation rates. Unfortunately, only the abstract of the paper is available for free, so I don't have details. But if this holds up it's quite interesting that such a relatively simple intervention at such a late stage (11th and 12th grade) can apparently have significant and long-lasting effects.
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