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Audio Review: Blake's 7: The Early Years - Cally 
12th-May-2010 10:21 pm

Blake's 7: Cally - The Early Years: 4 (Blake's 7: the Early Years) Blake's 7: Cally - The Early Years: 4 by Ben Aaronovitch

My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Probably the strongest of the Blake's 7 "Early Years" discs yet. This one takes advantage of the fact that the Auronar are a society of clones to tell us the story of not just one Cally, but many Callys. The first story on the disc, "Blood & Earth" tells the story of Ariane Cally, stranded in the forest after a plane crash, and how she survives with some telepathic help from another Cally. The second story, "Flag & Flame", tells the story of two Callys who are part of the Auronar military - one of them is a space pilot, the other stays behind on the flagship to relay instructions telepathically, allowing the Auronar to exploit a form of communication that the Federation can't intercept.

The two stories between them cover more than a century of Auronar history, and give us a much more detailed look at the society than I think we ever got in the television series. I was initially a little wary of the idea of stripping away so much of the mystery around Auron, but in the end, I think it paid off - Aaronovitch and Platt between them have given Auronar quite a rich history, which makes the Auronar more interesting rather than less.

My only quibble is that with so many Callys in these stories, I'm not sure which, if any of them, is "our" Cally that we know from the TV series. Perhaps this will be explained when the main audio series is continued and Cally is properly introduced there.

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