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International TV 
25th-May-2010 10:04 am
language, voyage
Came across a couple of interesting items on new/recent TV shows:
Sociological Images has a brief piece on the trailer for a new comedy called Outsourced, about an American sent to India to manage a call center. The blogger isn't really sure what to make of the trailer. I'm not really sure either - I'd be potentially interested in watching a show that dealt with the funny side of working cross-culturally, but this show seems really only interested in the coarsest and most obvious sources of humor (funny names! cows! funny hats!).

Also, I think the show probably vastly underestimates the degree to which (presumably) middle-class urban Indians are familiar with American pop culture. My guess is that whatever else the manager might need to teach his employees about America, they'd already know the rap songs.

Second, I learned that in addition to the U.S. remake of the British TV show, Life on Mars, there was a Spanish version, titled La Chica de Ayer. I was disappointed to learn from this article that they chose to set the action after the Franco regime had ended. This undoubtedly allowed them to make a more faithful remake of the British show, but can you imagine a show that used the time-travel premise of Life on Mars to really explore what life under Franco was like, and how strange it would look to a modern Spaniard? What a missed bet.
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