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Getting ready for Big Finish Day 
2nd-Jul-2010 11:02 am
So, for the duration of July 3 (UK time), Big Finish Productions are having a sale: each of their first 50 Doctor Who titles are on sale for 5 pounds each, or about $7.50 US (plus a bit of shipping).

If you're a fan of classic Doctor Who, and you've never heard a Big Finish audio production, this is a great opportunity to give them a whirl.

I was a latecomer to the Big Finish world myself, and so out of the first 50 plays, I've heard all of the 8th Doctor ones, plus a smattering of others. The 8th Doctor audios are mostly excellent, but are really more effective if you listen to them as an ongoing story arc. Plus, the more standalone stories seem to rather divide people - I'm quite fond of The Stones of Venice, which works fine as a standalone, but I've seen it regularly pop up on other people's "Worst Five Big Finish" lists, so I hesitate to give it a blanket recommendation.

If you wanted to get just two audios that are very good and give some idea of the range of Big Finish's output, I'd recommend getting Spare Parts and The One Doctor. Spare Parts is absolutely creepy and chilling, while The One Doctor is laugh-out-loud funny.

If you want more recommendations, neadods has a good post here.

At the moment, I've got a list of 11 stories I'm thinking of getting, that I'm trying to whittle down to 5 or 6. They are:

  • The Holy Terror (It's by Rob Shearman and it features a talking penguin! Thereby guaranteeing that it will be the most emotionally affecting play featuring giant anthropomorphized flightless waterfowl that you hear this year!)

  • Loups-Garoux (It's got Turlough and werewolves)

  • Dust Breeding (it has the Master in it)

  • Project: Twilight (it seems to be the start of a plotline that's going to be wound up in the coming year)

  • Eye of the Scorpion (it introduces Erimem)

  • The Church and the Crown (Peri, Erimem, and musketeers. Hilarity has got to ensue)

  • Bang Bang-A-Boom! (Seven, Mel, and an intergalactic song contest. Hilarity has got to ensue.)

  • Project: Lazarus (continuation of plotline that will be resolved later this year)

  • Omega

  • Davros

  • Master

3rd-Jul-2010 02:20 am (UTC)
Thanks for the shoutout!
3rd-Jul-2010 06:50 am (UTC)
As regards whittling down to a basket of five or six, I would say The Holy Terror; Project : Twilight; Project Lazarus; Davros; Dust Breeding; Master; The Church and The Crown.

Though I am a big fan of the two Sylvester McCoy stories suggested I would say my recommendations in either case are fairly soft; I know many find Dust Breeding to be a little lacking when one is aware of a particular revelation during the course of the play. I personally don't but... while Master may annoy if you have issues with Death and the whole champions thing from the New Adventure novels.

The Church and the Crown is certainly one of the hidden gems in the Big Finish range.
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