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Now we're cooking! 
3rd-Jul-2010 08:03 pm
lucie, miller time
I've just cooked my first really proper meal in the new house: chicken, mushrooms, and bok choy stir fried with ginger, soy sauce, chili garlic sauce and a splash of sesame oil served over brown rice. Goodness, I've missed having a gas stove. I can cope with electric, but the faster response of gas just makes stir frying so much easier.

I've also made an apricot crisp, which has been making the house smell great, and is cooling now.

In short, we approve of the new kitchen.
4th-Jul-2010 03:20 am (UTC)
Jealous of your apricot crisp! :)
4th-Jul-2010 04:10 am (UTC) - Yay
Yay for kitchens! Feel free to bring any extra apricots over to dinner tomorrow...=) Diana
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