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Homemade flatbread 
24th-Jul-2010 09:01 pm
I made this recipe for whole-grain flatbread tonight to go with dinner. (I made the plain whole-wheat version, not the variation with coconut milk and curried cauliflower, although that looks delicious, too.)

It was ridiculously good - it had a crispy, olive-oil-infused crust on the skillet side, and was moist and chewy on the inside. (In fact, it was so moist, I think I might have undercooked it slightly, but we didn't care.)

It does require about an hour (very little of which is active time) and an oven-proof skillet. But it's well worth trying.

Having made the basic version, I'm keen to try it with different flours, and with different herbs or other additions added to the batter.
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