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Doctor Who Series 6 Transmission Dates 
29th-Aug-2010 02:19 pm
Interesting news from the BBC today: transmission of the next series of Doctor Who to be split with half the episodes airing in the spring, and half being held until the fall.

Supposedly this is to accommodate a big mid-season cliffhanger, although part of me wonders if there aren't also logistical considerations. Like giving Steven Moffat more time to work on the scripts, or more time to work on other projects (like more Sherlock?), or creating a more flexible filming schedule for the cast, or more time for digital effects work.

I think it will be nice to have my Doctor Who fix spread out over the course of the year, but I am a bit worried about this idea of "more event episodes." While I confess that I love the event episodes, part of me is worried that eventually there won't be any more room for the "Doctor and companion have a nice little adventure" stories. If every episode is an event, can any episode really be an event?
29th-Aug-2010 11:58 pm (UTC)
I'm with you on this one. I wish that the BBC could put more money into having a longer season, too, instead, so that we could have both the "event" episodes and the little one-shots.
30th-Aug-2010 03:20 pm (UTC)
A longer season would be nice, but in the current economic climate and with the current Conservative government in power, I don't think the BBC is going to be able to put more money into anything.
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