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Audio Review: Doctor Who: Nevermore 
19th-Sep-2010 05:27 pm

Nevermore (Doctor Who: The New Eighth Doctor Adventures)Nevermore by Alan Barnes

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

In this story, the Doctor and Tamsin arrive in a prison that's been modeled after the works of Edgar Allan Poe, inhabited by a single criminal incarcerated for a terrible war crime committed twenty years ago. As the Doctor and Tamsin learn more about those events, it becomes apparent that the Time Lords were involved.

I'm really not sure what to think of this story as a whole. It certainly held my interest, and several of the performances were quite strong. On the other hand, both the Poe element and the Time Lord element felt gratuitous - I think the story might have been stronger without them. (I do wonder if the Time Lord element is a set up for a longer term plot arc. We know from Situation Vacant that there's another time traveller about causing trouble. I had assumed that it was the Headhunter somehow returned, but it could be a renegade Time Lord. Hmmm.)

I'm also still not sure what I think of new companion Tamsin. She gets some good banter in her dialogue with the Doctor, and I like the way her jobbing-actor background manifests itself in the odd useful skill (considering how often the Doctor gets tied or chained up, it's really surprising that he doesn't look for more companions with escapology training.) And the actress playing her is clearly plenty competent. But for some reason, the character just isn't gelling for me as a personality - she's still just a resume and some clever lines. I hope that changes soon.

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20th-Sep-2010 07:43 am (UTC)
Interesting thoughts. I really enjoyed this - far more than Situation Vacant. I know what you mean about Tamsin, although to be fair it's only her first proper story as she spent most of SV pretending to be someone else!

I also enjoyed the Poe elements. I'm not a huge Poe fan but I thought it added an element of Gothic that raised it a bit above the average.

Quite honestly, I'm looking forward to the McGann's rejoining the main range next year. I long for some longer stories as I feel that the 50 minute idea is just too... lightweight. I love Fenella Woolgar and Emilia Fox and they were nice catches for casting but Fox's character was so... well, ANYONE could have played that part.

It's the same with The Book of Kells. Jim Carter and Terence Hardiman are wonderful actors given nothing to do, which seems such a waste.

Speaking of which, I don't know if you've heard The Book of Kells yet but there are some interesting developments there...


20th-Sep-2010 05:36 pm (UTC)
I am looking forward to McGann rejoining the main range next year, too. Especially now that they're doing mini-seasons in the main range, so that they can still give us a compact multi-story arc (if they choose to) and longer stories at the same time.

I haven't heard The Book of Kells yet, but will probably listen to it in the next few days.
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