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Audio Review: Doctor Who: Hornet's Nest Part 3 - The Circus of Doom

Doctor Who: Hornets' Nest, Part 3 - The Circus of DoomDoctor Who: Hornets' Nest, Part 3 - The Circus of Doom by Paul Magrs

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I think this one suffered a bit from "middle book" syndrome (middle audio syndrome?) - there were a couple of intriguing revelations, but overall, it didn't feel like the story advanced very much. This may demonstrate a weakness of the story structure Magrs chose for this series - because this encounter with the hornets takes place before the events of the last audio, The Dead Shoes, much of it is just backstory to those events. Rather than doing much to improve matters, the Doctor's efforts merely serve to help create the situation he already dealt with in the previous audio.

I really enjoyed hearing Stephen Thorne in this audio, though I could wish he'd been given a larger role. (And a less problematic one than an evil possessed foreign dwarf.) The rest of the cast were good as well.

I think it's still possible that the series as a whole will redeem itself by how it all comes together, but I just couldn't get particularly enthusiastic about this installment.

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