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Happy Thanksgiving! 
25th-Nov-2010 11:20 am
language, voyage
Got up early this morning to go run the Silicon Valley Turkey Trot 5K. It was below freezing when I arrived at the starting location downtown - I ended up putting on every single piece of cold weather gear that I brought with me, and I still thought that the tips of my fingers and toes were going to freeze off. (Guess I need some heavier weight running socks for cold weather. And gloves with fingers.)

By the time we actually started the race, it had warmed up to the low forties, and by the time we hit the second mile, I was warm enough to unzip my sweatshirt. They closed off some of the streets in downtown San Jose for the run - on one block, lots of the residents came out onto their front porches to cheer for us, which was nice.

I kept up a pretty steady jogging pace the whole way through, and even managed a little burst of extra speed when I could see the finish line. I won't know what my overall time was until the results get posted on the website, but I think it was in about the 50 minute range. No, I'm not setting any records, but it'll give me something to improve upon.

I now have a pretty nifty bright orange race T-shirt made out of recycled plastic bottles, and a sense of accomplishment. Not a bad start to the holiday.

Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!
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