wshaffer (wshaffer) wrote,

More news on the global iPlayer

Just spotted the first article giving concrete details on the global availability of BBC iPlayer. (More details available in this FT article, which requires registration.)

The summary: Mid next-year, we can expect availability on the iPad in the U.S. and a few other markets, via a subscription-based model. No details on pricing, except they're quite "bullish" about what they can charge. Availability on other platforms, and in pay-per-view and pay-for-download pricing models will follow, but no details on when.

So, if you've got an iPad and are interested in a wide enough range of BBC programming that the subscription fee represents good value, this is good news. (My Dad will most likely be thrilled.) Everyone else will have to wait. (Honestly, I have a hard time understanding why they can't just allow paid subscribers access to TV through the existing iPlayer website. I already use it to listen to radio.)
Tags: anglophilia is contagious, television

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