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Top five lists you really don't want to find your home town on... 
20th-Dec-2010 02:05 pm
katarina, doom
The Environmental Working Group just released a report saying that tap water in many U.S. cities has high levels of the carcinogen hexavalent chromium. #5 on the list of cities with the highest concentrations? San Jose, CA, the city whose tap water I consume every freakin' day. California has proposed, but not yet enacted, a safe limit for hexavalent chromium of 0.06 ppb. San Jose's water has slightly more than 22 times that amount.

We do filter our tap water in various ways, but I don't think any of them involve reverse osmosis, which appears to be the reliable method for removing hexavalent chromium.

I'm not entirely clear yet on how much I should be worried about this. I'm not certain that drinking tap water contaminated at this level exposes me to more risk than any number of other things I routinely do each day. But I'm not pleased.
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