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State of the Wendy 
27th-Jan-2011 11:15 am
Someday soon, I'll write a coherent post in complete sentences. In the meantime...

Some things that are making me happy right now:

  • Running! I've signed up to do another 5K in a few weeks. It's a Valentine's fun run, so I'll get a cute T-shirt with hearts on it. Yes, I will run for swag.

  • It's tasty citrus season in California! I came home from the farmers' market on Sunday with about 5 pounds of assorted citrus, and have been reveling in blood oranges and Meyer lemons all week.

  • Reading Ron Rosenbaum's The Shakespeare Wars. Rosenbaum's dug up all of the interesting controversies in Shakespeare scholarship (as opposed to the dull non-controversy about who actually wrote Shakespeare's plays). Plus, he's not afraid to be bitchy about Harold Bloom.

  • The Gallifrey convention is fast approaching!

Some things that are making me not-so-happy right now:

  • I have an enormous pile of things to do at work, all of which are due between 2/2 and 2/11. Gak.

  • I've decided that my wardrobe needs a revamp, and have gotten rid of a bunch of stuff that was worn out, didn't fit, or that I just plain didn't like. However, my clever plan to replace that stuff with nice new stuff has been foundering on my near-complete inability to find clothes that fit. Darn near everything I've tried on for the past 2 months has clearly been designed for someone with smaller shoulders/smaller breasts/a smaller waist/a bigger waist/smaller hips/bigger hips/longer legs than I have. Does anyone know of a clothing line tailored for busty hobbits who jog? I think that would about fit the bill.

28th-Jan-2011 06:11 am (UTC)
I don't know if this is what you're looking for, but I'm currently nursing a crush on clothes from Title Nine. They have a great selections of sports bras and the regular, non-exercise clothing I've bought from them is nice/good quality/comfortable without being unstylish. The sale page is full of goodies at the moment.
28th-Jan-2011 07:20 pm (UTC)
They have some nice-looking stuff - I'll have to give them a try. Thanks!
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