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The Campbell Valentine's Day 5K Fun Run

Yesterday morning I went down to Campbell Park to run in the 34th Annual Campbell Valentine's Day 5K Fun Run.

Campbell Park is a little park tucked into the middle of Campbell's downtown shopping district. I've driven past it a couple of times before without really realizing that it was there. It's an access point onto the Los Gatos Creek Trail, along which you can run or hike for miles, so I'm glad I know about it now. I'll probably start doing the occasional longer run over there, just for a change of scenery.

Most of the 5K fun run actually took place along the Los Gatos Creek Trail, which did present a few problems - the trail is basically a bike path, and while there is usually a broad gravel or grass shoulder that runners can spread out on and use to pass, there were a few spots like tunnels or bridges where I found myself stuck behind a walker or slower runner with no way to get around them without risking colliding with faster runners passing on my left. There were also lots of signs up for the benefit of cyclists saying, "Slow Down. Race in Progress," which just struck me as very funny.

This was the first race I've done using the Runkeeper app for the iPhone. It's a very cool app - it uses the GPS on your smartphone to track your distance and speed. For this race, I'd set it up to give me an audio cue every mile to tell me my current pace. Very handy for keeping me on track for my goal of doing better than a 15-minute mile pace.

Speaking of which: The official race results haven't been posted, but Runkeeper thinks I did the race in 44 minutes 17 seconds and an average pace of 13 minutes and 44 seconds per mile. Which would be more than 4 minutes better than my previous 5K time, and means that I met my pace goal handily! (Next goal is to do better than a 12 minute mile.)

I now have a pink T-shirt with "I [heart] Campbell," printed across the front. I'll probably wear it to work for Valentine's Day, and then it will probably go in the drawer. Though there are probably places in Scotland where such a T-shirt might be useful.
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