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Five completely unrelated things make a post

So, I'm giving Health Month a whirl. For those who aren't familiar with it, Health Month is an interesting attempt to use a social networking game to encourage healthy habits. Basically, you set up some rules that you want to follow for a month, and you gain or lose points depending on whether you follow your rules. I think it's a neat idea, although I'm not sure how it will work out for me in practice. I'm doing the free version, which allows for three rules at a time, so I settled on trying to run more, floss more, and meditate more. If you're curious about how I do, you can check out my profile.

Two of the three people behind the late, lamented Cadmium 2 podcast are back with the Time Vault podcast, covering Hammer films, The Avengers, and Doctor Who. I listened to their first episode, covering Quatermass and the Pit, yesterday and was immensely gratified that they made all same silly "Hammer time!" jokes that I would have done. Ah, to be geeky and thirtysomething.

If you preorder the special leatherbound edition of Rob Shearman's forthcoming short story collection, Everyone's Just So So Special, Rob will write a short encyclopedia entry about a fictional historical figure with your name. Could I resist this? No, I could not.

I cooked amaranth for breakfast yesterday, with cinnamon, ginger, and dried blueberries and cherries. It's texturally interesting - the grains are quite small (smaller than any grain I'm familiar with except teff), so the bulk texture of the porridge is a bit like soft polenta, but the individual grains still retain a bit of crunch. I'm not sure if it will displace my current faves (oatmeal and millet) in the breakfast porridge rankings, but it's definitely a nice variation.

I found a bunch of funny videos about VMware! My favorite is this one, in which muppet-like characters attempt to explain virtualization, but some of the others are good too. I think someone in our marketing department may be having too much fun.
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