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It's not every day that you meet a new fruit... 
15th-Mar-2011 09:26 pm
cooking, food
So, while I was up at FOGcon* over the weekend, I popped into the local Whole Foods for some fruit, and was greeted by a big stack of citrus fruit labelled as "sumo mandarins". They were billed as "the sweetest orange you'll ever eat!" So I bought a couple.

They're big (a bit bigger than my fist) and look a bit like a tangelo that's been partying late at FOGcon and is looking a bit rumpled and wan. Photo below cut:

Sumo mandarin

They are the sweetest oranges you'll ever taste, at least in terms of a lack of acidity. I actually find the lack of tartness a bit disconcerting, but there's also an interesting note to the flavor that I can't quite pinpoint, but is quite nice.

I have no idea if this is just a local thing that somebody is test marketing, or if they are generally available, but if you spot them, I recommend giving them a try.

*FOGcon, by the way, was fantastic, and I will try to post some kind of proper summary as soon as my brain recovers.
16th-Mar-2011 04:49 am (UTC)
I'm not sure I can get past the ethnic insensitivity. Not sure if it's better or worse than the billboards we have around here lately advertising "Teppanyaki Buffet."
16th-Mar-2011 05:29 am (UTC)
Yes, thank you - when I made my original post, I tried to come up with some way of expressing how idiotic a name "sumo mandarin" is, and I couldn't quite come up with the right way of putting it. But "Teppanyaki Buffet" is about right.
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