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20th-Mar-2011 12:01 pm
awkwardness, incapacitated
Earlier this week, my multi-talented bellydancer/musician/librarian cousin, who has recently relocated from the wilds of Indiana to the wilds of Oregon, sent me a message on Facebook to let me know that she'd be performing at the "3rd Annual Steam Punktrick's Day" event at 50 Mason Social House. I've never had the chance to see her perform before, so Daniel and I headed up to the city last night.

The evening started with swing dancing lessons from the nice folks at Swing Goth. I have in the past avoided partner dancing because of three firmly held beliefs: 1) that I would suck at it, 2) that no one would want to dance with me, and 3) that I wouldn't have a good time. It turns out that only one of these beliefs is true: I well and truly suck at swing dancing. However, in the absence of the other two things being true, I can, as a friend memorably put it in a recent blog post, embrace the suck.

After that, we got down to the actual performances. The opening act were a rather good cellist/singer and drummer duo, the name of which managed to completely escape me. The Nathaniel Johnstone band were described to me by their singer before the show as something like, "gypsy improvisational bellydance fusion". I really enjoyed them, because I'm totally the sort of person who thinks, "You know what would make a violin more awesome? Electronic reverb!" You can hear/download a number of their songs here.

The bellydancing performances were cool, too. I'm not much of a dance afficionado, so I don't really know how to describe them other than, "Wow!" and "Dude, she must have awesome core muscles!" It may be only family loyalty talking, but I thought my cousin's performance was the highlight of the show.
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