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Quote of the day 
13th-Apr-2011 02:06 pm
important, lives
From Gawker in response to some silly people trying to make a flap over a J. Crew ad featuring a little boy wearing pink toenail polish.

For every girl who is tired of acting weak when she is strong, there is a boy tired of appearing strong when he feels vulnerable. For every boy who is burdened with the constant expectation of knowing everything, there is a girl tired of people not trusting her intelligence. For every girl who is tired of being called over-sensitive, there is a boy who fears to be gentle, to weep. For every boy for whom competition is the only way to prove his masculinity, there is a girl who is called unfeminine when she competes. For every girl who throws out her E-Z-Bake oven, there is a boy who wishes to find one. For every boy struggling not to let advertising dictate his desires, there is a girl facing the ad industry's attacks on her self-esteem. For every girl who takes a step toward her liberation, there is a boy who finds the way to freedom a little easier.
13th-Apr-2011 09:18 pm (UTC)
My doctor has that up on the wall in one of his examining rooms.
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