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Showing up, more than half the battle

So, a notice went out in the newsletter for our workplace gym that they'd be doing group runs at lunchtime on Tuesday and Thursday. All paces welcome. I thought, hey, I could use some training buddies. I was entirely prepared to be the slowest runner there. I wasn't quite prepared to be the only runner there, apart from the trainer. Who runs a couple of marathons and ten half-marathons a year.

So, I basically got a free one-on-one coaching session from a much more experienced runner. We did a 2.5 mile run. I had to take a couple of walk breaks, because Palo Alto has hills and I'm not used to running at high noon. And I learned a couple new stretches and got some tips on using the foam roller. (OMG, foam roller! DIY deep-tissue massage! Where have you been all my life?)

And now I've got to show up again on Thursday for the next run. Because I'd feel bad if Jin had no one to run with.
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