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Brief reactions to "The Impossible Astronaut" 
24th-Apr-2011 03:35 pm

On the downside, I was surprised by how very unmoved I was by the thing that happens early on that really ought to be quite moving. Possibly Moffatt has gone to the complicated-temporal-paradox-to-be-unravelled-by-extreme-cleverness well too many times, but I do think it's a bad sign when you pull out something as major as that and the viewer's reaction is, "Yawn. I wonder how they're going to undo that timeline."

On the upside, the aliens were quite creepy and cool, Rory and River got some great dialogue (both individually and with each other), and that cliffhanger is the most suspenseful cliffhanger we've had in years. Next week cannot come fast enough.

I also like that this episode felt very different from other season openers we've had in recent years. I feel that I don't quite know what to expect from this season, and while I'd prefer to be just a bit more serenely confident that Moffatt is not going to disappoint me, I at least get the sense that I'm not going to be bored.
25th-Apr-2011 01:53 am (UTC)
I will admit that I thought, well, they can just fix that! at first, but then the talk of paradox started and I slowly began to change my mind. Until now, Moffat's been one of the few writers who could do time travel stories without making me curse paradox nonsense, and I'd like to have him stay in that category.

But, yeah, want to see more! Definitely more!
25th-Apr-2011 07:26 pm (UTC)
Sorry if this is a massive spoiler - but there can't be a Who fan alive who doesn't know what happened by now... Yes, it's a shame that it's boringly obvious that the Doctor will SOMEHOW survive. Despite the 'being shot dead and cremated' thing, the series is called Doctor Who. It's not going to kill him off without a reset button of some kind. I agree that we've exhausted the timey-wimey bollocks now, along with the Time can Be Rewritten nonsense. They've cried wolf so many times since Season 5 started that Amy's tears felt awkwardly unmoving.

That said, I thought the Silence were very interesting and creepy, and the pacing was really nice. Not as relentlessly in your face as usual. Didn't think the cliffhanger was as amazing as all that though...

Looking forward to Part 2, although I hope the explanation is good. I watched it with an intelligent 9 year old who got REALLY bored waiting for something to happen. I have no problem with complex and interesting stories but, as they repeatedly tell us, the show isn't aimed at me, it's marketed at children. If they get left behind...
25th-Apr-2011 09:00 pm (UTC)
Interesting about the 9 year old's reaction. I'll probably get a chance to watch the episode again with some kids later this week. I'll have to pay attention to how they respond. (In fairness, over here in the States, Doctor Who isn't and never has been marketed at children. But the show isn't made for Americans; we're just a nice bonus for BBC Worldwide.)
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