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I think I just broke Pandora...

So, my latest random musical infatuation is dancehall reggae, thanks largely to a Nike running playlist put together by Jamaican sprinter Asafa Powell that I use for some of my running speed workouts. It's good running music - it's upbeat enough to kind of propel you along, but generally slow enough in tempo that you're not tempted to run too fast just to keep up to the beat.

I recently created a station in Pandora by putting in the names of my favorite three or four artists from this workout playlist. And the results have been odd. I think of reggae as an incredibly distinctive musical genre, but apparently from the point of view of the Music Genome Project, it's much more complicated. I've gotten quite a lot of rap and R&B (understandable since there is a huge amount of crossover between dancehall and those genres), and quite a bit of roots rock that is entirely lacking in the requisite funkiness but also sort of understandable. I've been making liberal use of the "Thumbs Up" and "Thumbs Down" buttons, and seemed to be training the station in the right direction.

...until it threw out Journey's "Don't Stop Believing".

Yeah, Pandora just put one of the contenders for the Whitest Band in the Universe on my reggae station. I don't even know, man.
Tags: music, utter randomness

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