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Goth rock nostalgia had a fight with Boy George over wardrobe... 
6th-Jun-2011 09:06 am
bannakaffalatta, short
...in Dead or Alive's "Misty Circles". (And not "Mystic Circles" as the announcer seems to think.) A lip-synch performance on some show called "Razzmatazz", which makes "Top of the Pops" look tame.

If you think you detect a certain Sisters of Mercy/early Mission vibe to the rhythm track, it's because it's there: the fellow with the guitar and the beaky nose is Wayne Hussey, who would shortly depart to join the Sisters of Mercy, and then, after one album, depart to form the Mission U.K. There's a part of me that wishes that this incarnation of Dead or Alive had lasted longer - I'd love to have heard the gothic sinuousness of Wayne's guitar work married to the insane danceability of Dead or Alive tracks like "You Spin Me 'Round (Like a Record)" or "Brand New Lover". (Though not at the price of foregoing the existence of The Sisters of Mercy's First and Last and Always or the early albums by the Mission, all of which were a huge part of the soundtrack of my mid-teenage years.)

Do you have a favorite musical match-up that you wish could have been?
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