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Well, that's gonna be interesting... 
16th-Jun-2011 03:22 pm
long words
Apparently, Salman Rushdie is writing a science fiction TV drama series for Showtime!?

Assuming it survives past the pilot, that could either be brilliant or really, really suck. Rushdie's not really a natural for the small screen, I'd think - so much of what is great about his work is the kind of verbal exuberance that you really need words, not visuals, to convey. OTOH, if they can find actors who can deliver his occasionally outlandish dialogue convincingly, it ought to be very quotable, at least.

There's also mention in the article of a film version of Rushdie's novel Midnight's Children in the works. Again, not an obvious candidate for transfer to the screen - you could probably make a good film about Indian independence and partition that shared some plot events with the book, but I can't imagine it approximating the experience of reading Midnight's Children. Which might be why the film is being called Winds of Change.
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