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Audio Review: Pulling Faces by Helen Goldwyn 
20th-Jun-2011 03:55 pm
teehee, haha
Pulling Faces (Drama Showcase #2)Pulling Faces by Helen Goldwyn

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Funny, angry, and beautifully acted by a cast that includes Helen Goldwyn, Nigel Fairs, and Louise Jameson, Pulling Faces follows actress Joanne Taylor in the days leading up to her 55th birthday, as she deals with getting older and tries to decide whether she should get some plastic surgery done to make herself look younger. The play is deft in skewering our societal obsession with youth and beauty. My main complaint is that the ending is maybe a bit too pat: on her 55th birthday, Joanne gets a huge dose of perspective from dealing with bad news from a close family member, seizes an opportunity to tell an obnoxious ex all the things she should have told him 25 years ago, and scores a date with a seriously hot thirty-ish guy. If life regularly handed out that kind of catharsis, none of us would fear getting older.

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