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Not what we usually mean by wearing the big girl pants...

So, there's a style of jeans popularly known as the "boyfriend" cut, the notion being that they're cut like men's jeans, except with a bit of a nod to a more typically feminine waist-hip ratio. They tend to be cut a bit boxier and roomier in the hip and thigh area, which is a great boon to those of us women who tend to be cut a bit boxier and roomier in the hip and thigh area.

The name has always both amused and annoyed me. Amused, because any attempt of mine to wear my actual male beloved's jeans would result in hilarity. Annoyed, because there's just the tiniest shade of gender and heteronormative bias lurking in there. And no one would ever market "girlfriend" jeans to men, right?

Er, actually, wrong. Levi's actually sells an "Ex-girlfriend" jean, and it's essentially the direct reverse of the "boyfriend" cut - tighter and more form fitting in the hip and thigh area.

I do want to know: why "ex-girlfriend" jeans? Is it only manly to wear a girl's pants after she's dumped you?
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