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Big Finish does Blake's 7!

I was thrilled to see the announcement today that Big Finish now has the license from B7 Enterprises to produce Blake's 7 audios and books. Looks like there will be "Companion Chronicle" style audios featuring the original cast. Nice!

I'm not at all clear on where this leaves the relaunched audio Blake's 7 series that B7 media launched a few years back and left on a giant cliffhanger. While I suppose the terms of the license could allow Big Finish to produce "classic" Blake's 7 adventures with the original cast while B7media continues with the relaunched series and new cast, I'm not sure that there's enough of a market for two ongoing Blake's 7 audio series. So, this is probably yet another sign that we're never going to get a resolution to that cliffhanger. Pity.
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