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So, given LJ's ongoing service woes, I'm dusting off my dreamwidth account and enabling cross-posting. If you're seeing this on LJ, it worked. I'm unlikely to abandon LJ unless and until it stops being a place with a substantial community of people that I want to read and converse with, but it seems wise to have a backup.

If you're already on dreamwidth, and we're friends on LJ, please do track me down and add me if you see fit.

If you're not on dreamwidth, and you'd also like an LJ-like backup blogging option, I have a few invites available. Comment and I'll send you one if I've still got them. (For those not familiar with dreamwidth, it's built on the same underlying code base as LJ, with some tweaks and improvements - for example, it separates the "grant this person access to my locked posts" function from the "I want to read this person's updates on a consolidated page" function that LJ lumps together under "friending".)
Tags: the computer is your friend, what is this ell-jay of which you speak

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