October 18th, 2007


More podcast-y goodness

I've been trawling iTunes for more podcasts to check out. I've found a couple that are well worth checking out:

First up, Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing, hosted by Shaun Farrell. Each episode features an interview with a science fiction or fantasy author, as well as publishing news and other tidbits.
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Next up is Cadmium 2, a podcast devoted to "Cult British Science Fiction". At present, that translates to about 50% Doctor Who, and 50% other stuff, much of which I've never heard of. They did do a podcast on one of the James Bond films, which I'm not sure really qualifies as "Cult" or "Science Fiction", but why be overly nitpicky? So far, I've only heard Episode 2 (a set report from the recording of the Big Finish audio play The Wishing Beast, including an interview with Bonnie Langford, who comes across as a total sweetheart), and Episode 4, an interview with Nick Briggs, the producer of the Big Finish Doctor Who line. But I'm looking forward to hearing more, even though this will probably lead me inexorably closer to the day when I decide I desperately need to own a region-free DVD player that handles PAL.