October 25th, 2007

awkwardness, incapacitated


I created a Facebook* account on a whim a few days ago. Mostly because I kept coming across little announcements from people saying that they'd created a Facebook group for a podcast I listen to or for fans of the Big Finish audios or whatever, so I joined to see what the deal was.

I'm still not sure exactly what the deal is. Social networking sites perplex me, somehow. Daniel's often theorized that online networking sites are a great boon to those of an introverted geeky bent among us, allowing us to meet compatible people without having to do all that terrible leaving-the-house and making-small-talk that extroverts do. I agree, but it doesn't change the fact that a) when it comes to social networking, the extroverts still do it better and b) my initial impulse in any new and unfamiliar social environment is to hide in a corner, nursing a diet Coke and observing - even if on the internet, no one can see that I'm doing it.

So, about at the point where I was wondering whether to go get another diet Coke, or just bail on the whole Facebook thing, a coworker and an old high-school friend whom I haven't seen in well over a decade found me and friended me. (See my point about extroverts doing it better.) So, I've decided to stick around on Facebook, at least for a bit. I've found one person whom I know in real life, and friended them. Anyone reading this with a Facebook account, feel free to friend away. Or not. Y'know, whatever. Not being pushy. Excuse me, I think I need another diet Coke.

*Yeah, I know, Facebook is so 2006. But look at when I started livejournalling! This is early adoption for me.