October 28th, 2007

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Paul Cornell Interviews Peter David

Yesterday I listened to a show originally broadcast on Resonance FM, featuring Paul Cornell interviewing Peter David. Peter David seems like an interesting guy to interview - he can talk for minutes on end without needing the slightest bit of prompting. The discussion was mostly about writing for television, and writing television tie-in novels. One thing I found particularly intriguing was the discussion of the influence of the original Star Trek episode "City on the Edge of Forever" on both Peter David's novel Imzadi(which I haven't read) and Paul Cornell's Doctor Who episode "Father's Day" (the similarities there are obvious once pointed out, but it hadn't occurred to me before), and the influence of Imzadi on Cornell's novel Human Nature.

Also amusing for Doctor Who fans is the revelation, completely new to me, that Steven Moffat's mother-in-law is actually responsible for the BBC and its licensees having so many issues over the years with the use of the Daleks. Moffat's mother-in-law, Beryl Vertue, is now a tremendously successful TV producer, but back in the sixties, she was Terry Nation's agent. She negotiated the contract that gave Nation the rights to the Daleks.

I think this has finally completely sold me on the "Steven Moffat must become the next Executive Producer for Doctor Who" movement. Because then if the Nation estate gets weird about the use of the Daleks again, it'll somehow be comforting to think that the executive producer will be able to blame his woes on something his mother-in-law did when he was a toddler.

I recommend giving it a download and a listen: Novelizing the Small Screen.