November 25th, 2007


Funny, it doesn't feel like 17 years...

Daniel and I celebrated the 17th anniversary of our first date yesterday evening. On our first date, we went out to dinner at TGI Fridays and spent several hours talking about anything and everything. Yesterday, we went out to dinner at Kaygetsu and spent several hours talking about anything and everything. 17 years on, the cuisine is better and the conversation is still flowing.
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Making social networking sites speak to each other

I've spent a little time this weekend tidying up my various 'net presences. I've done a long overdue revamp of my homepage, updating my bio a tad, revamping my Links page, and replacing links to the woefully out-of-date online copy of the my resume with links to my LinkedIn profile, which at least has a prayer of getting updated now and then. (I have very little evidence that anyone has ever looked at my online resume. I do know that people occasionally look at my LinkedIn profile.)

I've also figured out how to pull data from my GoodReads profile to display on my Facebook profile and on my livejournal. I really like using GoodReads as a way of tracking what I've been reading, but as a social networking tool, it's been a bit of a non-starter. Hardly anyone I know is using it. Now, if you're interested in what I've been reading recently, you can look at my livejournal's sidebar or my user profile, and see a list. (It's not perfect - it only seems to display the most recent items in the "Currently Reading" list, which means that a couple of big fat tomes that I've been sloooowly reading through for months do not appear on the list.)

The last item on the to-do list is to spiff up my LinkedIn profile a bit. I'm not really terribly motivated to do this, since I'm not actually looking for a job at the moment, but they do say that the time to do these sorts of things is when you're not looking for a job.