December 28th, 2007

totally_sane, suzie

Email and International Mail

So, my food blog, Spaceling Cafe isn't dead. Though it may be pining for the fjords. However, I have done something stupid to it - I allowed a bunch of comment spam to pile up and fill up the mail box on the server. Now there isn't enough disk space for me to post the recipe for "Vaguely Asian Chicken Soup" that I made last night. I've deleted the email using my mail client, but it's taking a while for the server to realize that. (I've tried a number of ways to get at the mail folder and delete the mail off the server manually, to no avail so far. Maybe this weekend I'll dig up my instructions on how to ssh into the server.)

This is why "Oh, I don't feel like dealing with it right now" is not an acceptable policy on comment spam. Oh well. You live and learn.

In other amusing mail-related news, Daniel phoned me at work yesterday to tell me I'd gotten an unusual package. I assumed (correctly) that it contained the books and audios that I'd ordered in the Big Finish Christmas sale (two script books, The New Audio Adventures: The Inside Story, some random book by Terrence Dicks (it was bundled with the others), and the first season of The Tomorrow People audios.) But the package really was unusual - the folks at Big Finish had packed the books and audios nice and snugly in a box, but somewhere along the line, one corner of the box started to give way. So someone popped the box in a gigantic blue plastic sack, cinched it shut with a zip-tie, and stuck a big tag with my address on it. It looked absurd, but it made it from Frankfurt to my house in that state. (The jewel cases on a couple of the Tomorrow People CDs were slightly cracked, but I'm not bothered by that.)

Some time after I'd placed my order, Big Finish announced that they'd lost the license to produce The Tomorrow People, and all the CDs would be removed from sale on January 7th. So I've got a little over a week to listen to enough of these to decide whether I want the rest. So, this neatly solves my previous dilemma of trying to decide whether to listen to Blake's 7 or The Adventures of Luther Arkwright first. (I'm not normally this spoiled for choice, but everybody runs big sales on their audios in December, so I snapped up a number of things I've been eyeing.)