January 6th, 2008


Random links do make an LJ entry

I'm relatively pleased with our weather this weekend - not only did I mostly not get rained on yesterday on my walk (when the clouds started rolling in, I headed for Starbucks; Daniel picked me up when it became clear the downpour wasn't going to abate), it held off on raining while I took a walk this morning.

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Via crowleycrow, I found The Whole Five Feet, a blog kept by an intrepid soul who read the entirety of the Harvard Classics, a.k.a "the five foot shelf of books". We had the whole five feet at home when I was a kid, and while I never read the entire set, it provided my first exposure to Aristophanes, Aeschylus, Milton, and Coleridge, among others. So, it's kind of fun to look through the blog and read someone else's reactions to the ones I remember reading.

Via neadods, I've discovered The New Adventures of Queen Victoria. (Also available as a syndicated livejournal feed.) I'm not sure what it is about this particular webcomic that so tickles my sensibilities, except that any comic that can make fun of British colonialism and Windows Vista within a single week has got something going for it.

I am currently braising some beef with sherry and Spanish smoked paprika. Hopefully it will go better than the lamb shanks.