January 13th, 2008


Weekend Miscellany

I got a nice big package in the mail yesterday - seasons 2-5 of the Tomorrow People audios from Big Finish Productions. I enjoyed Season 1 well enough that I did go ahead and order the rest from Big Finish just before their license expired and they had to remove all of them from sale. Apparently Season 5 ends on a huge cliffhanger that will now most likely never be resolved. Sigh. (I don't think there's any way of writing intellectual property law in a way that protects the rights of copyright owners without also giving them the right to do stupid and annoying things. But I can dream, right?)

I spent a good chunk of yesterday afternoon ripping the CDs into iTunes and getting the track information sorted out. While I was doing this, I actually did clean up my desk a little bit. (Gasp!) It's still far from tidy, but I'm making some progress. One thing I do need to sort out is what to do with magazines. Currently, I tend to do one of two things with them: one is to put them in an in-box style tray on my desk, in which case they tend to languish unread until the tray gets full, and then I pull them out and either read or toss them. The other is to pile them on the desk. If they're sitting out on the desk, I do tend to read them, at least until they get hidden by the other stuff piled on top of them. But they do clutter the surface.

If I were strong-willed, I'd put a moratorium on bringing new printed matter into the house until I'd figured out what to do with the old printed matter. Yeah. That would last about 30 seconds.

I also voted in the California primary today. A few months ago, Santa Clara County sent me a letter saying that they were expecting a terrible hoo-hah with voting machines this election, and that they'd really appreciate it if I became a permanent absentee voter. So I did. I got my ballot earlier this week, so I sat down yesterday and filled it out, and today I walked over to the Registrar of Voters office and dropped it off. Hopefully, nothing will happen in the next couple of weeks to make me change my mind. My basic take on the three front-running Democratic candidates is that while you can construct plausible rationales for preferring any given one, very little of what we know about them is really indicative of how they would do as president. I'll be reasonably pleased to vote for whichever of them wins the nomination. (If you're curious, I voted for Edwards, largely because he's unembarrassed about being a straightforwardly old-school liberal, and I'm a bit of an old-school liberal myself. I don't actually expect him to win the nomination, but stranger things have happened.)

I've also decided that I might have to bite the bullet and educate myself on the Indian gaming issues, since every election seems to ask us to vote on amendments to various agreements with tribes. I tend to be in favor of letting tribes have their casinos, partly because it does (in at least some cases) bring in real money to otherwise impoverished tribes, and partly because it irritates the entrenched gaming interests in Nevada. But I'm well aware that this is probably a simplistic take on a complicated issue.

On the agenda for the rest of today: doing a pile of laundry. Welcome to my exciting life!