January 18th, 2008

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I dreamed last night that I had to pack up everything in my office at work, because we were moving to a new building. (Something that happens on average every six months at work.) Only somehow I kept finding more and more stuff to pack. I'd look up, and there'd be a whole new bookcase where there wasn't one before. And it was getting later and later, and I wasn't done, and I was supposed to go have dinner with some family members, and they kept calling my cell phone and asking me if I was done yet...

Gee, my subconscious is so not subtle.

I am kind of amused by the plethora of things my coworkers and I had to pack up in the dream - it included two guitar amplifiers (but no guitars), an 18" remote-controlled Dalek, an entire bookcase full of manga and another full of classic science fiction novels, a large potted bamboo plant, and a complete set of Calphalon pots and pans. None of which grace my actual office.

I never like these sorts of dreams - I wake up feeling like I've already put in a hard day's work.

Oh well. I will go for a walk now, and then there will be breakfast and tea, and then there will be work, and then there will be a weekend. Not so bad, really.