April 22nd, 2008

evil_laugh, minimaster

No, I'm not crazy, it's just my iPod

I'm not sure which delighted me more: the discovery that you can podcast The Now Show, or the discovery that I actually possess sufficient cultural literacy to find it funny. (Perhaps this Friday's episode wasn't typical, but the only things it required that I would think of as being outside the knowledge of the average American with a passing interest in current events were a) having seen Life on Mars and Doctor Who and b) being able to recognize vocal impersonations of Gordon Brown. These two things were no problem for me.)

If you listen on an airplane flight, you get the bonus entertainment of watching the person sitting next to you studiously ignoring the fact that you're chortling loudly for no apparent reason.

Clearly if I were any less hip, my bum would fall off...

Sometime ago, I noticed that just about the only way I was getting exposed to new music any more was via fanvids on Youtube. While there's nothing per se wrong with that, I've been looking to broaden my musical exposure, because the fact of the music being used for fanvids imposes all kinds of filters that have nothing to do with musical quality. For example: Songs used for fanvids tend to be short, because people rarely have the stamina to make or watch 8 minute vids. And they're skewed towards love songs (or lust songs), because people like to make shippy vids.

So, a while back, in an effort to broaden my musical repertoire, I subscribed to the KEXP "Music That Matters" podcast. While it's provided me with many hours of perfectly pleasant background listening, and provided evidence for the hypothesis that neither hip hop nor country are completely evil as musical genres, I realized today that in about four months of listening, I haven't heard a single song that I actually wanted to buy. Or even had a particularly strong urge to go back and listen to again.

One possibility is that I'm actually no longer really interested in music unless it comes with video of time-travelling aliens or attractive men in Napoleonic uniform attached. More likely, though, is that this particular podcast (despite its amazing diversity of DJs and genres) just isn't holding my interest.

I suppose I'll go trolling around iTunes for some other "music anthology" type podcasts, but I'll pose the question to the friendslist: How do you go about finding new music that you like?