July 26th, 2008

totally_sane, suzie

Workin' Daze

There's nothing quite like getting up early on a Saturday morning to go in to work and publish a couple of knowledge base articles that you forgot to publish in your rush to get out the door the previous night. (I had to get to the Legion of Rassilon meeting to see "Forest of the Dead" and "Midnight". Short review: OMG YAY! More later.)

There's really nothing quite like clicking the publish button on your knowledge base articles, and then watching them apparently completely vanish from the system.

In the time it has taken me to panic, make a cup of tea, and look up the contact information for the knowledge base administrator, one of the articles has reappeared in the system. (The system even thinks it's published, though I still can't view it on the external site.)

I think I'll go for a walk, and see if both of them come back.

Edited to add: In the time it took me to compose this, both articles have reappeared in the system, now in unpublished state. Argh.