August 13th, 2008



So, my birthday present to myself was a pair of Frye harness boots. (My birthday's not 'till Saturday, but Zappos gave me free priority shipping on the order, so the boots arrived early. I didn't make myself wait to open them.)

I knew I'd like the way the boots looked, but I was nervous about the fit. I ordered the men's boots instead of the women's boots to compensate for my wide feet, and hoped for the best. It worked. Not only do they fit, they are comfy. Seriously. I've owned some nice pairs of boots, but this may be the first pair I've been tempted to sleep in.

The really interesting thing about these boots is that they've got a bit of a heel - enough to change the way I walk. You can't just shuffle along in these boots - you have to pick your foot up or the heel catches on stuff. This makes me take longer strides and hold my upper torso and head up straighter. If I'm not careful, I strut. I can practically hear the spurs jingling as I walk.

I think I like it.

In fact, I'm already thinking that these boots might like a pair of Frye's engineer boots just to keep them company. You know how shoes are - they're gregarious creatures.