November 23rd, 2008

wirrn, FTW

Happy Birthday, Doctor Who!!!

Doctor Who is 45 years old today.

I'm sort of celebrating by watching bits of the recently released season 4* DVD box set, but I really feel like I ought to find a corridor to go run down or something.

One tip for anyone watching the season 4 boxset - Even if you don't normally watch the extras, have a look at David Tennant's video diary on the disc for "Voyage of the Damned". It chronicles David Tennant's trip to Blackpool to turn on the illuminations in 2007, and it's incredibly funny.

*This is New Who season 4, of course. A Classic Who season 4 box set would be reason to celebrate indeed, since the BBC doesn't have complete copies of any of the stories from that season any longer. But I did read a news story recently saying that there's a remote possibility that some lost episodes will turn up in Thailand, because the BBC sent copies there and never got them back.