January 13th, 2009

awkwardness, incapacitated

Are we done yet?

We didn't quite finish packing the kitchen. The movers are going to have to do the rest when they arrive. (Hopefully they have arrived already - I'm safely at work, while Daniel gets to cope with them. This is one of those times when the day job is a blessed refuge.)

Things are still going pretty well, though I've achieved levels of exhaustion that I haven't usually reached outside of grad school qualifying exams and major work deadlines. (Oh, wait, I've got a major work deadline this week as well.) Interestingly, probably the only reason why I haven't broken down and had a major meltdown at some point in this process is that a) Daniel relies on my emotional state to calibrate how much he needs to freak out and b) several of my coworkers have made admiring noises about how amazingly chill I am to be handling moving and a beta release of documentation simultaneously, and I don't want to spoil my reputation as a Zen Master.

That's the secret to success in life, really - convince others to have high expectations of you.

At the first opportune moment, though, I'm going to crawl off somewhere quiet with a stack of novels and a couple of DVDs, and not come out for a long time.

ETA: Daniel just texted to say that the movers have arrived. Yay.